Individual and Business Support


  • To get advice regarding purchase, you may post in the forum or contact seller .
  • To get a response you may also use the form provided or Ticket-system(when available).
  • We try to answer your questions within 12-24 hours. However, if any delay occurs, it doesn’t mean that we forgot about you. Some of the issues require testing and analyzing, so we can resolve it effectively.
  • Support time schedule is Monday – Friday: -8.00 – 18.00 UTC-00:00
  • Please note! We try to provide support for legitimate concerns only and hence will not spend quality time on trivial issues.
  • Item support does not include:
    1. Purchase from a third party seller(while we take reports/complaints about this, this issue however is handled differently)
    2. Support for third party products, events and services.

How to use our Support System

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  1. Use the form to submit an issue or partnership request.
  2. To avoid any confusion, please use your registered name and other details in our support system.

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Important To Note

As Regarding Support

While we try our best to offer only the best products and services and recommend them to their customers. We agree that occassionally issues can arise and being a very small firm with afew hands, we try our best to cater for the needs that do arise and that truly need our support from time to time.
We would encourage that people also try out our social media handles(for example facebook) to get their enquiries across as regarding support and related issues