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The Kikicoin phenomenon is introducing the blockchain to connecting vendors and businesses with clients who need their services and who can fill job vacancies, attend events, subscribe to their services and buy their products in the marketplace plus we offer a peer exchange for holders of assets that are backed by the Kikicoin technology.

CASE STUDY >> The Secret of Success

The project is borne and nutured by our sponsor company – Kikiconnect – and will introduce the blockchain to connecting service providers with clients who need their services and who can fill job vacancies, attend events, subscribe to their services and buy their products in the marketplace.
We have utility backing our token

Business Directory

We already have  several businesses from different countries listed on the Kikiconnect business directory platform [and soon kikicoin] for the Kikicoin digital currency.

Online Marketplace

We also have a several businesses  from different countries trading on the kikiconnect online marketplace[and soon, the kikicoin platform]. Kikicoin will be implemented soon.

Jobs Portal

A jobs portal already exists on the kikiconnect ecosystem[and soon kikicoin] that lists jobs vacancies besides businesses and that will be powered by he new technology that is the kikicoin.

Real Estate

A real estate platfom already exists on the kikiconnect [and soon Kikicoin] ecosystem that lists properties for sale and lease besides business listings and that will be powered by kikicoin.


A full fledged events listing, promotions and management platform is soon to be launched; powered by the Kikicoin initiative.


We will soon also launch full franchise business expansion drive; this will be in bid to add more avenues and places to the kikicoin driven ecosystem.

Kikicoin (KIKI) MainSale

Welcome to the KIKI main sale.

A purchase of the KIKI is a purchase of a part in the growth and the expansion of the several other businesses and opportunities that we power plus never loose this opportunity to buy into the KIKI.

Here is what we have inducted into the KIKI for Kikicoin (KIKI) holders

  1. Become a part in the growth and the expansion of the several other businesses and opportunities that we power.
  2. Monthly airdrops to KIKI holders as rewards based on profits.
  3. Discounts on services
  4. Dividends(become part of a larger profit pool brought about by the KIKI ecosystem) by holding Kikicoin.

the kiki-ecosystem
Own and become a part of the Kikicoin Powered Ecosystem

Airdrop & Bounty

Airdrop Ended
[Airdrop ended | Special bounty extended]




Ends May 31st 2019

Stages for the official KIKI main sale

We have made the acquisition of the KIKI better efficient and more effective.
Softcap:$1.000.000 — Hardcap:$6.500.000

STAGE I (Ongoing)

1st December 2018 – 28th February 2019

  • 1 KIKI = 0.0050 USD

Other currencies can also be used to purchase at the current rates for this stage.

Bonus for this stage – 25%


  • 1 KIKI = 0.050 USD

Other currencies can also be used to purchase at the current rates for this stage.

Bonus for this stage – 20%


  • 1 KIKI = 0.090 USD

Other currencies can also be used to purchase at the current rates for this stage.

Bonus for this stage – 15%


  • 1 KIKI = 0.25 USD

Other currencies can also be used to purchase at the current rates for this stage.

Bonus for this stage – 10%

Let’s explain our ICO stages I – IV to you briefly

Stage I – at 0.0050 USD Per KIKI, and scheduled to run from 1st December, 2018 to 28th February, 2019 at 25% bonus only, will help place the KIKI at the front
burner now in these times and also help create balance for investors when events begin to gather steam again in the industry(which we analyze is soonest – not
exceeding Q1 2019).

Stage II – at 0.050 USD per KIKI, to follow upon Stage I completion and scheduled to run for 1 month at 20% bonus, will help further the KIKIs advancement in the
foreseeable future giving it smooth visibility among other cryptos plus at this stage, building upon an appeal to investors.

Stage III – at 0.090 USD per KIKI and scheduled to run in Q2 2019 for 1 month at 15% bonus, will further cement our hold in the BD industry and ecosphere.

Stage IV – at 0.25 USD per KIKI and scheduled to run for 1 month following Stage III ICO completion would see us consolidating on our gains so far in this ICO (bonus at this stage is expected not to exceed 10%)

We accept for ICO





We accept Ethereum



We accept bitcoin cash



We accept the USD

Euro accepted

We accept the Naira

Business and Technology Services






Kikiconnect is a listings website and B2B firm originally based in Canada. The aim originally is to connect people [not limited to people in developing nations] to their local community through information sharing.

Kikiconnect has since outgrown this , to be an international partner offering a business directory and job place that connects service providers with clients and customers who need their services and who can fill their job vacancies.

It is worthy to mention that with our online marketplace, vendors can now sell, buy, and auction their products/wares to customers using the Kikiconnect platform.


Since 2016

…and our best is yet to come

Enjoy the best
of trading, fund management and support combined together

We are planning an excellent new feature that will give the best of trading and wallet management supported by Artificial Intelligence, our ‘Dawdle’ policy and your continous patronage of our wonderful ecosystem


Our Business AI Paddy

The KIKI robot is a business and decision making model that will enable businesses and individuals make sound business development, management and  trading choices as regarding their assets, resources and portfolio in real time and will feature attributes not limited to the following


Our AI paddy will attempt to assist in the business management tasks by analyzing data and suggesting the most profitable opportunities to the business.


A good relationship is the backbone of any and every venture and we will be there with our AI bestman who will help analyze the best relationships and even suggest new ways that people can explore their current

Business artificial Inteliigence


From data analyzed, and from information available, our KIKI robot will attempt to make the best informed decisions.


Our AI paddy will help make informed career decisions based on their area of specialization and training, current financial status and location.

A few of the problems and solutions we provide

This is how we will use the blockchain fueled by our own token, the Kikicoin, to solve a myriad of problems plaguing the business directory industry today.
(Learn more in our whitepaper)

Ease of Payment

An online payment system, explorer and wallet dominated in the Kiki digital currency will be added. Funds will be made available to holders of the Kiki digital currency as at when needed. These funds could be used to carry out business transactions over the network and elsewhere on the blockchain, serve as instruments of trade and lending.

Customer Reward

The Kikicoin solution will fuel and efficiently power the loyalty schemes of businesses listed in the ecosystem through partnerships and deploying fast and efficient technology to use by businesses in the ecosystem. These Businesses will in addition accept and redeem loyalty points with Kikicoin.


The Kikicoin platform will continue to add measures to increase, and/or atleast stabilize the value of the Kikicoin by adding more value-added businesses, features, methods and technology to the ecosystem, [ensuring] that all investments are backed by the value of the crypto assets, removing unnecessary fear from people who are invested in the Kikicoin project.


Building on the Apollo ‘Hermes’ Blockchain has afforded us also the chance to also offer anonymous and private transaction benefits to all who are invested in the Kikicoin project. So no fears; no worries. All transactions are completely anonymized and thus privacy of individual and transaction is guaranteed.

Portfolio –
Current and Propsed

Business Directory & Marketing

We run a vibrant business directory and business promotions service which at the moment focuses on Emerging markets – over one year old and going strong.


We currently run an online marketplace at our sponsor company website that at the moment cater for small section of people.
We currenntly have clients trading lots of products on the marketplace. However, this arm will now be expanded to cater for a truly global market with truly global needs. a completely new eCommerce website will be built, aggresively promoted and integrated with a truly global currency powered by the Kikicoin.

Technology(Web Based)

Currently, we have clients we provide with web based and tech powered solutions such as website hosting, websites desin + promotions, web security and a host of other innovative and customized web-based services.
This arm will now be completely rebuilt with a new website offering several other all-inclusive technology powered and web efficient services all powered by the Kikicoin ecosystem.

Business Artificial Intelligence

THIS IS WHERE WE IMPLEMENT OUR NOVEL ARTIFICIAL BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE to assist businesses in decision making and management processes all powered by the Kikicoin.

Customer Support & Rewards System

An efficient customer support and rewards system based upon the principles founding the Kikicoin ecosystem. This will go a long way inestablishing the Kikicoin as a truly global phenomenon.


The total amount of KIKIs to be issued is limited to 55bln. No more KIKIs will be issued in the future.
10% of the tokens will be sold during the presale to early adopters to raise funds for marketing and to begin earnest development of the entire platform. 
10% will  be issued via a private issuance agreement to businesses that apply for it and are listed on the Kikiconnect platform within this period.
stated below is how we will utilize funds raised in our crowdfunding campaigns (barring any unforeseen circumstance), this will be in addition to work on future advancements as stated in our whitepaper

Credit System
Auditing, Legal & Licencing
Future Growth
Continued Dev. & Security
Reserve Fund
Business/Social Reward


Airdrop/Bounty (General)
Bounty (Business Directory)

The Kikicoin Roadmap

  • Q1 2018

  • Q2 2018

  • Q3 2018

  • Q4 2018

  • Q1 2019

  • Q2 2019

  • Q3 2019

  • Q4 2019

  • Q1 2020

  • Q2 2020

  • Q3 2020

  • Q4 2020

Concept, start of the preparation of the kikicoin projectoncept, start of the preparation of the kikicoin project.

Raising a team and advisory board membersRaising a team and advisory board members

Website and ‘technical’ whitepaper version 2.0 launch and testing of the “Dawdling” technique

Launch of our Presale, bounty and Crowdfunding effortsLaunch of our Presale, bounty and Crowdfunding efforts

Crowdfunding continues plus Private beta testing of ourDesktop and Mobile apps

Coin distribution(implementing the dawdling technique)Desktop and mobile wallets testing and release

Official launch of customer credits/reward system and re-modelling of our social networking system

Official launch of eCommerce, events management, a full fledged media outfit and other businesses powered by the kikicoin 

Re-modelling of websites; apps; wallets and release of whitepaper version 4.0 

Business Finance and credits system boosted with card & POS launch.

Testing and implementation of a novel bond and yield system backed by Kikicoin.

Release of the first kikicoin platform yellow paper v1.0

Our Team

Our team work hard to deliver quality services that make it worth the while.
Our team combined, bring to the table, over 16 years’ worth of computer programming (software and web development); content management; international business and over marketing(field, affiliate, social media and search engine marketing) experience.

Technical / Blockchain

Eugy Enoch

Blockchain expert and lead developer





Social / Comm

Michael N. Michael

Social butterfly; communications expert & also a skilled negotiator




Abdulrahman Bin-Ambaliy

Full stack developer & SEO expert





Vichib Oks

Experienced Communications officer and lead marketer




Eromosele Agbai

Crypto bounty expert and marketer





Julian Gold

Chief Graphics Officer for the Kikicoin project




Mikyc Entertainment

The team at The Mikyc Entertainment Group advises on Communications






The team at The Cryptoguide Network performs on blockchain.





The team at the Kikiconnect Business and Technology Services advises on strategy





JG – Digital

The team at JG Advanced Digital Community will advise on UI/UX


We are rated
Follow our ICO. The KIKI ICO is rated and listed on the following platforms:

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We are featured

We are featured on the following media amongst others:


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We have partners

We have partners and still open to partnerships. Reach out to us on any requests.

mikyc entertainment
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What is Kikicoin?

Kikicoin is an anonymous, hybrid and wallet based cryptocurrency that uses advanced encryption techniques for digital asset generation, transfer, and validation.

Basically, Kikicoin, also known as KIKI is a secure and tamper-proof cryptocurrency that allows you carry out all of your business, financial and other digitally wired transactions securely on the blockchain.

How can I participate in Token sale and bounty?

To participate in the main token sale, sign up, on your dashboard, you will find the link that allows you to do so or take a straight dive here.
As for bounty, the button is displayed at the top at the menu bar or take a one-way dive here.

What METHODS OR currencies can I use to reserve kikicoins?

Any of the below options is available for use to order Kikicoin: 

  1. Fiat (USD; EUR; NGN) Option
  2. Cryptocurrency Option(BTC ETH DASH LTC BCH BTG APL Zcash TRX XEM)
  3. Card/Wallet Option
  4. Custom order


A purchase of the KIKI is a purchase of a part in the growth and the expansion of the several other businesses and opportunities that we power plus never loose this opportunity to buy into the KIKI.

Here is what we have inducted into the KIKI for Kikicoin (KIKI) holders

  1. Become a part in the growth and the expansion of the several other businesses and opportunities that we power.
  2. Monthly airdrops to token holders as rewards based on profits.
  3. Discounts on services
  4. Dividends(become part of a larger profit pool brought about by the KIKI ecosystem) by holding the token.

Note also that the kikicoin is a cryptocurrency accepted by the kikiconnect ecosystem. Being a business directory, there are also several businesses(and more coming up) that use the ecosystem. The kikicoin will also power the over 5 new platforms that will be introduced in time.

Why the concept of early adoption as being championed by you?

Yes, early adopters and participants will be able to get special access to review upcoming products and new associated platforms as they are released and we are giving away a 25% bonus to early adopters and participants 

What is the total supply of kikicoin and how many are burned?

There are only 55 bln kikicoins in total. 60% of this is available for all crowdfunding and token offering efforts. What is left is burned or permanently locked away.

The total number of frozen or burned tokens will be announced at the appropriate time around Q3 2019 (at this time we are done with all phases of our main sale)

What is the business directory listing giveaway?

These are tokens reserved for businesses that are and will be listed on the kikiconnect business platform during this period. Only 10%(about 5.5 bln kikicoin) have been reserved for this purpose.

Businesses on the kikiconnect platform will be notified about this and all application for the token will be honored.

When will I get my tokens?

Token distribution has began and still ongoing.

Participants in special bounty program, Instant moondrop and our periodic voting contests have all been rewarded KIKIs

Participants in the KIKI ICO will receive their KIKIs as quickly as payment is confirmed.

General Airdrop participants will receive KIKIs after ICO, begining sometimes in April 2019.

How do i become a vendor/merchant and what do I stand to gain?

You become a vendor or merchant on the KIKI platform by simply using the”Add Your business” sub-menu link under the “Businesses” Menu. Also use the “Vendor Registration” submenu link under your account tab.
As a vendor/merchant your business and store is further exposed to thousands of potential clients across the web, on social media and newsletter.

What is dawdling?

Dawdling is a new coin distribution consensus initiated and agreed upon by the Kikiconnect and Kikicoin team and summarily entails an ‘extended release’ of tokens issued on the kikicoin platform. This is adopted in a bid to reduce the case of misuse of tokens and make sure you keep getting tokens even as value increases.

Official Peer Exchange and Escrow Service

Peer Exchange

Trade your digital assets and other products peer to peer on the KIKI official peer exchange.

  • Peer to peer
  • Decentralized
  • You set the rules
  • Trade digital assets
  • Trade other products
  • Get support anytime
  • Available on Telegram


Need help trading with other members on the platform?

  • Middleman benefit
  • Step by step guidance
  • Trade digital assets and other products
  • Get support anytime
  • Available via Telegram

Connect with all team members