The Kiki Solution

A few of the problems and solutions we provide

This is how we will use the blockchain fueled by our own token, the Kikicoin, to solve a myriad of problems plaguing the business directory industry today. (Learn more in our whitepaper)

Ease of Payment

An online payment system, explorer and wallet dominated in the Kiki digital currency will be added. Funds will be made available to holders of the Kiki digital currency as at when needed. These funds could be used to carry out business transactions over the network and elsewhere on the blockchain, serve as instruments of trade and lending.

Customer Reward

The Kikicoin solution will fuel and efficiently power the loyalty schemes of businesses listed in the ecosystem through partnerships and deploying fast and efficient technology to use by businesses in the ecosystem. These Businesses will in addition accept and redeem loyalty points with Kikicoin.


The Kikicoin platform will continue to add measures to increase, and/or atleast stabilize the value of the Kikicoin by adding more value-added businesses, features, methods and technology to the ecosystem, (ensuring) that all investments are backed by the value of the crypto assets, removing unnecessary fear from people who are invested in the Kikicoin project.


Building on the Apollo ‘Hermes’ Blockchain has afforded us also the chance to also offer anonymous and private transaction benefits to all who are invested in the Kikicoin project. So no fears; no worries. All transactions are completely anonymized and thus privacy of individual and transaction is guaranteed.

Portfolio – Current and Proposed

Business Directory & Marketing

We run a vibrant business directory and business promotions service which at the moment focuses on Emerging markets – over one year old and going strong.


We currently run an online marketplace at our sponsor company website that at the moment cater for small section of people.We currenntly have clients trading lots of products on the marketplace. However, this arm will now be expanded to cater for a truly global market with truly global needs. a completely new eCommerce website will be built, aggresively promoted and integrated with a truly global currency powered by the Kikicoin.

Technology(Web Based)

Currently, we have clients we provide with web based and tech powered solutions such as website hosting, websites desin + promotions, web security and a host of other innovative and customized web-based services.This arm will now be completely rebuilt with a new website offering several other all-inclusive technology powered and web efficient services all powered by the Kikicoin ecosystem.

Business Artificial Intelligence

THIS IS WHERE WE IMPLEMENT OUR NOVEL ARTIFICIAL BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE to assist businesses in decision making and management processes all powered by the Kikicoin.

Customer Support & Rewards System

An efficient customer support and rewards system based upon the principles founding the Kikicoin ecosystem. This will go a long way inestablishing the Kikicoin as a truly global phenomenon.