Roadmap of the KIKI Platform

Concept, start of the preparation of the kikicoin project
Sample DescriptionRaising a team and advisory board members and whitepaper version 1.0 release
Website and ‘technical’ whitepaper version 2.0 launch and testing of the “Dawdling” technique
Launch of our Presale, bounty and Crowdfunding efforts
Crowdfunding continues plus Private beta testing of ourDesktop and Mobile apps
Coin distribution(implementing the dawdling technique)Desktop and mobile wallets testing and release
Official launch of customer credits/reward system and re-modelling of our social networking system
Official launch of eCommerce, events management, a full fledged media outfit and other businesses powered by the kikicoin
Re-modelling of websites; apps; wallets and release of whitepaper version 4.0
Business Finance and credits system boosted with card & POS launch
Testing and implementation of a novel bond and yield system backed by Kikicoin
Release of the first kikicoin platform yellow paper v1.0