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The First Blockchain Business Directory

Kikicoin is a business directory currency that powers businesses on the business directory platform with application. It's usefulness spreads to areas including but not limited to; franchise, media, ecommerce, real estate, events and ticketing, jobs and freelance, agriculture, business social networking, business artificial intelligence, amongst other application in the client and business ecosystem.
To participate in token sale, sign up, on your dashboard, you will find the link that allows you to do so. As for bounty, the button is displayed at the top at the menu bar.
There are a number of them; BTC ETH DASH LTC BCH BTG Apollo Zcash TRX XEM USD
The kikicoin is a cryptocurrency accepted by the kikiconnect ecosystem. Being a business directory, there are also several businesses(and more coming up) that use the ecosystem. The kikicoin will also power the over 5 new platforms that will be introduced in time.
Yes, we are giving away a huge 100% bonus to early adopters, also participants will be able to get special access to review upcoming products and new associated platforms as they are released.
There are only 55 bln kikicoins in total. We are distributing 33 bln of those in our Presale/ICO phases.
These are tokens reserved for businesses that are and will be listed on the kikiconnect business platform during this period. Only 10%(about 5.5 bln kikicoin) have been reserved for this purpose. Businesses on the kikiconnect platform will be notified about this and all application for the token will be honored.
Token distribution shall commence after our crowdfunding (ICO) exercises shall have ended. Token distribution begins in February 2019
Here are our current rates: 1 ETH = 500,000 KIKI 1 BTC = 2,500,000 KIKI These rates apply to our presale(Pre-ICO) may be updated for ICO
Dawdling is a new coin distribution consensus initiated and agreed upon by the Kikiconnect and Kikicoin team and summarily entails an 'extended release' of tokens issued on the kikicoin platform. This is adopted in a bid to reduce the case of misuse of tokens and make sure you keep getting tokens even as value increases.