About The KIKI Marketplace

Kikicoin is an anonymous, hybrid and wallet based cryptocurrency that uses advanced encryption techniques for digital asset generation, transfer, and validation.
Basically, Kikicoin, also known as KIKI is a secure and tamper-proof cryptocurrency that allows you carry out all of your business, financial and other digitally wired transactions securely on the blockchain.

The Kikicoin project is a business directory currency that powers businesses on the business directory platform with application and use spreading to franchise, media, ecommerce, real estate, events and ticketing, jobs and freelance, agriculture, business social networking, business artificial intelligence, amongst other application in the business and client ecosystem.

The KIKI ecosystem records user and service provider’s data on the Blockchain, such as business identity information, property information, transaction records and reviews on different services. Instead of storing and accessing data from a centralized database, we store and extract data through a distributed storage scheme, which means that data cannot be tampered with and is only accessible by the owner who can sign in if they want to revise their information, with all changes being fully traceable as is regarding the blockchain.


The Kikicoin phenomenon is introducing the blockchain to connecting vendors and businesses with clients who need their services and who can fill job vacancies, attend events, subscribe to their services and buy their products in the marketplace plus we offer a peer exchange for holders of assets that are backed by the Kikicoin technology.

CASE STUDY >> The Secret of Success

The project is borne and nutured by our sponsor company – Kikiconnect – and will introduce the blockchain to connecting service providers with clients who need their services and who can fill job vacancies, attend events, subscribe to their services and buy their products in the marketplace.
We have utility backing our token


We already have  several businesses from different countries listed on the Kikiconnect business directory platform [and soon kikicoin] for the Kikicoin digital currency.


We also have a several businesses  from different countries trading on the kikiconnect online marketplace[and soon, the kikicoin platform]. Kikicoin will be implemented soon.


A jobs portal already exists on the kikiconnect ecosystem[and soon kikicoin] that lists jobs vacancies besides businesses and that will be powered by he new technology that is the kikicoin.


A real estate platfom already exists on the kikiconnect [and soon Kikicoin] ecosystem that lists properties for sale and lease besides business listings and that will be powered by kikicoin.


A full fledged events listing, promotions and management platform is soon to be launched; powered by the Kikicoin initiative.


We will soon also launch full franchise business expansion drive; this will be in bid to add more avenues and places to the kikicoin driven ecosystem.