KIKI Main Sale

Welcome to the KIKI Main Sale Phase III. Purchase Kiki shares now and get a 15% bonus

To order your Kikicoins (KIKI), use any of options A through F… Our easy 3 step guide is also found at the ICO Help section of this page.

Option A – Cryptocurrency
Choose preferred cryptocurrency

If you select any of the cryptocurrency options, make your transaction to the wallet address indicated below it.

Click the box to re-indicate the cryptocurrency you have chose in option A above

Don't want crypto? Click to choose from fiat; card; wallet or the custom order options

Enter your Transaction ID, or Hash ID, or similar confirmation ID to enable us trace your payment faster.
Enter your apollowallet address from Please note that you will still receive your tokens at your web wallet, however being a DEX that already lists Kikicoin, we require you give an apollowallet address.
ICO Help Section

If cryptocurrency is your option, then do the following:

  • Select from the cryptocurrencies available and note the wallet address
  • In the box labelled "Choose preferred cryptocurrency" select the same as above
  • Type the amount you want and
  • After you have sent the payment to the address you copied, please click on submit order N:B You may want to Fill in your wallet address and TxID in the space provided, so we can trace your payment faster

If fiat is your option, then do the following:

  • Click on the Option B - Fiat Currency (USD, EUR, NGN) Button
  • Enter specific amount {$100; €100; ₦1000 min and up to $10. 000; €10.000; ₦500.000 max}
  • As a registered member, you need not enter your email address again, so you may safely ignore the email box and we will still send you instructions on how to pay.

NOT AVAILABLE YET Credit card features are not available on this site yet and our web wallet have not begun accepting payments for our crowdfunding. Our developers are working hard to perfect this and will be adding this soon. However you can make use of the Cryptocurrency or Fiat options. Write to us via and we will let you on what stage we are on this.
Please note that to make a custom order, send the following details to and your order will be processed(any bonuses will apply). Full name: Address(please include country): Email address: Username(only if you are registered on How much KIKI you ordering: Apollowallet: