These are hard times for the cryptocurrency markets, occasioned, according to our internal analysis, by more factors than one.
Firstly being that banks all over the world are raising rates, especially central banks and money as a result is becoming a scarce commodity and hence alot of  “Cryptizens” are taking their investments away from the scene and secondly being the panic instilled in the minds of most ‘choice’ investors by recent government policies across the big countries of the world.

However, in the most parts, despite all these, cryptocurrencies have continued to outperform most stocks, bonds and bills in their yield and capabilities and we strongly encourage that this is really an ideal time to buy and stockpile as a bounce back is, to honestly put it, not far from where we stand.
This bounce back; we are convinced will be not be like in the days of 1BTC = 19,000$, however, the bounce back will be in the form of every cryptostock taking their actual place and assuming their real values(infact to put our analysis raw: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will begin and continue to stabilize to their real values – rising and fallig is not the issue here, though, many will rise including the Bitcoin.)

As for a profitability in the cryptomarkets, there will be. We only hope that the events that has led to the current decline(including but not limited to the activities of major world governments, is not taken lightly and is stood against by all sincere cryptizens. on the part of the people, we encourage safe and best practices and believe that together we can conquer the current debris.

Cryptocurrencies are the tokens that will fuel activities in the blockchain and the future is in blockchain technology.