KIKI records transaction activities on the Blockchain, which is broadcasted and stored by nodes in the network. This distributed ledger is tamperproof with and fully traceable, creating a decentralized and unbreakable “chain of trust.”

Our regular income as a universal basic income model is a form of [free] social security and financial market of which the idea is to get rid of poverty and help reduce the wage gap within the society and now powered by the blockchain and hence has employed a decentralized distribution method in the disbursement of regular daily income powered by the KIKI.

Ways to earn the regular income There are basically three(3) ways to earn the KIKI’s being disbursement using this method:
Each new member signup entitles the new member to a 500KIKI signup bonus on the official kikicoin website to be used to trade on the website in goods, services and in peer to peer exchange.

(2.)Daily Login
Same as above. Each daily login on the official kikicoin website will claim a total 1.99KIKI for a member to be used to trade on the website in goods, services and in peer to peer exchange.

(3.)Business/Product reviews on the ecosystem
There is now another window open to all members to earn per review of products, businesses, services, jobs, events and other offerings included in the KIKI ecosystem by vendors and business owners.

KIKI Reward Program KIKI will launch an ecosystem reward program with Kikicoin. The network rewards distinguished contributors, individuals or organizations, by PoS
(Proof of Stake) algorithm.
This program will update the reward token pool and recalculate incentives at fixed intervals to distribute corresponding tokens to the wallets.

See Part 6 of our whitepaper