The blockchain and ICO though newly adopted concepts; it has however seen a lot in the few months it has been the trend.

We in the industry [including the team at the Kikicoin Network] tend to agree that holding back some coins can be a good way to give it value. As lots of people will just sell these tokens for any amount not minding the value it has or can have in the future.

These days, investors and holders of these tokens, at any given opportunity are quick to dispose of it; exchange or peer-to-peer. Even though this may be going on with the ‘purest’ of intentions – perhaps to make quick bucks, however, it has continued to have negative effects in the industry.

The Problem

The problem is that people are quick to dump coins {or tokens, if you’d prefer}. The writer of this whitepaper believes that minting 100million or 100billion is not the bigger issue. Neither is scam the bigger issue affecting token {or cryptocurrency}  performance these days but the mere fact that people with the tokens are always in a hurry to dump at an exchange or between themselves thereby causing a major inflation and most hurting of all, a major downward crash in the price of every token ever released.

We have seen an X amount of tokens worth around $19, all of a sudden go down to $4 in no time and for no just cause; even before the firm launching the token has had any chance to implement the solutions they have prepared to do with the tokens. All just because investors and bounty hunters ‘received’ their share of the tokens being distributed.

Taking the Bitcoin case as an example, the team at the Kikicoin network believe Bitcoin is more valuable today, not because it is mined few but because it is held onto mostly, and released slowly. For all there is to know, Bitcoin could have been 10x more it’s number [and even if that happens], Bitcoin will still remain “very” valuable as it will create a mad rush for people who would love to hold on more to the currency as a ‘precious asset.’

At a private online conversation, the team at Kikicoin, looking at this very issue(which by the way was raised by one of our marketers); we identified that there are a lot of people out there who are just waiting to dump(‘sorry about the word “dump”’) these tokens anyhow they can. So hodling is a good way to increase value and not necessarily minting 100billion tokens or 100million tokens as is mostly the case today. Mint 10,000Tokens: if people are just waiting to dump at the nearest exchange or sell it to the nearest fella, then the value of the currency goes down that way. At the other way round; Mint 10,000,000,000Tokens: if there is a way to create value and a technical slow-release of the tokens, it will appreciate that way in value.

The Solution

We, the team at the Kikicoin network will be pioneering a new technical extended – release (or slow – release) methodology for our currency [The Kikicoin] this implies that earned tokens will be slowly released in percentages {or batches} over an extended period of time. As the value of our cryptocurrency continue to rise, we will continue to slowly inject more tokens to earners’ wallets or accounts. We call this one-horse approach the DAWDLING TECHNIQUE or just DAWDLING (so we basically Dawdle your tokens)

This Dawdling process may cost us in the short run; in terms of extra time and some extra cost, but will save us a lot of price value in the long run.  So we dawdle your tokens for a profit margin, while already creating value for it.