The KIKI ecosystem is designed to be an extremely business-friendly platform that requires no prior knowledge of the blockchain(in the most parts) nor even cryptocurrency(in any part) — setting the standard for future global service providers powered by and offering the KIKI. The KIKI platform will provide an API as well as a marketplace to make it as easy as possible to trade KIKI for goods and services.

The KIKI ecosystem business directory model ensures that businesses and stores are offered a faster and a more possible {cheaper} way of taking their businesses online and/or exposing their reach globally to a population of citizens of the KIKI universe while taking full advantage of all blockchain benefits; Business Artificial Intelligence; Credits and rewards system; Business bond and yield system; and other Technical, Financial, Administrative and business security features all engineered by the KIKI solution.

In the KIKI ecosystem 1.0, intermediary platforms play an important role by facilitating the transactions between users, whilst charging commissions for this service.
All transaction settlements are dealt with in fiat, however, in the new KIKI ecosystem 2.0 era, users are connected peer-to-peer without intermediaries and commissions, with all transactions being settled in the local token.

Furthermore, businesses, vendors and service providers can issue the KIKI on their website and business place, tokenizing their own services and further enhancing their business experience through the blockchain. Besides acting as the main circulating currency for every transaction taking place in the KIKI ecosystem, KIKI can also be employed as the basic unit in exchange for products, events and other services issued by service providers who decide to list and build within the ecosystem.

The KIKI is an attempt to gainfully launch and deepen penetration of businesses onto the blockchain through a rare and precious route.

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