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KIKI in summary

About The KIKI Marketplace

THE BLOCKCHAIN BUSINESS DIRECTORY AND MARKETPLACE The Kikicoin phenomenon is introducing the blockchain to connecting vendors and businesses with clients who need their services and

Our Business AI Paddy

KIKI BUSINESS  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE The KIKI robot is a business and decision making model that will enable businesses and individuals make sound business development, management

The Kiki Solution

A few of the problems and solutions we provide This is how we will use the blockchain fueled by our own token, the Kikicoin, to

Token Spread

TOKEN SPREAD AND FUNDING INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE HERE. The total amount of KIKIs to be issued is limited to 55bln. No more KIKIs will be

Run your own Business and Fundraising

Mobile and Wallet System

Mobile wallet system

…and our best is yet to come Enjoy the best of trading, fund management and support combined together We are

Commerce account

It all begins with a commerce account on the KIKI platform, whether you are a vendor, want to use

Alternative Wallet Topup

Any and all bonuses are redeemable only during official KIKI bonus sales and giveaways and if for any reasons

Earn Daily Income

Earn Income daily to your KIKI web wallet upon completing any of the following tasks: kiki-token

  • Successful Registration.
  • Daily Login.
  • Per review of businesses and products.

Roadmap of the KIKI Platform

Concept, start of the preparation of the kikicoin project
Sample DescriptionRaising a team and advisory board members and whitepaper version 1.0 release
Website and ‘technical’ whitepaper version 2.0 launch and testing of the “Dawdling” technique
Launch of our Presale, bounty and Crowdfunding efforts
Crowdfunding continues plus Private beta testing of ourDesktop and Mobile apps
Coin distribution(implementing the dawdling technique)Desktop and mobile wallets testing and release
Official launch of customer credits/reward system and re-modelling of our social networking system
Official launch of eCommerce, events management, a full fledged media outfit and other businesses powered by the kikicoin
Re-modelling of websites; apps; wallets and release of whitepaper version 4.0
Business Finance and credits system boosted with card & POS launch
Testing and implementation of a novel bond and yield system backed by Kikicoin
Release of the first kikicoin platform yellow paper v1.0

Everything you need to create and Manage Your Own Business, store and Fundraising

Business Connect

Connect with businesses, stores and vendors in your area.

Vendor Membership

Vendor Registration


Get a share of the KIKI, now at $0.050

A purchase of the KIKI is a purchase of a part in the growth and the expansion of the several other businesses and opportunities that we power plus never loose this opportunity to buy into the KIKI.

Here is what we have inducted into the KIKI for Kikicoin (KIKI) holders

  • Become a part in the growth and the expansion of the several other businesses and opportunities that we power.
  • Monthly airdrops to KIKI holders as rewards based on profits.
  • Discounts on services
  • Dividends(become part of a larger profit pool brought about by the KIKI ecosystem) by holding Kikicoin.

Stages for the official KIKI main sale

We have made the acquisition of the KIKI better efficient and more effective.
Softcap:$1.000.000 — Hardcap:$6.500.000

1st December 2018 – 28th February 20191st March 2019 – 31st March 20191st April 2019 – 30th April 2019
1 KIKI = 0.0050 USD1 KIKI = 0.050 USD1 KIKI = 0.090 USD1 KIKI = 0.25 USD
Bonus at this stage – 25%Bonus at this stage – 20%Bonus at this stage – 15%Bonus at this stage – 10%

Let’s explain our ICO stages I – IV to you briefly

Stage I – at 0.0050 USD Per KIKI, and scheduled to run from 1st December, 2018 to 28th February, 2019 at 25% bonus only, will help place the KIKI at the front
burner now in these times and also help create balance for investors when events begin to gather steam again in the industry(which we analyze is soonest – not exceeding Q1 2019).
Stage II – at 0.050 USD per KIKI, to follow upon Stage I completion and scheduled to run for 1 month at 20% bonus, will help further the KIKIs advancement in the
foreseeable future giving it smooth visibility among other cryptos plus at this stage, building upon an appeal to investors.
Stage III – at 0.090 USD per KIKI and scheduled to run in Q2 2019 for 1 month at 15% bonus, will further cement our hold in the BD industry and ecosphere.Stage IV – at 0.25 USD per KIKI and scheduled to run for 1 month following Stage III ICO completion would see us consolidating on our gains so far in this ICO (bonus at this stage is expected not to exceed 10%)

Opportunities don’t happen,We are giving you the chance to create one by joining the KIKI affiliate program

Team Member Information

Kiki Tech & Business Solutions

Kiki Tech & Business Solutions


The team at the Kikiconnect Business and Technology Services advises on strategy

JG – Digital

JG – Digital


The team at JG Advanced Digital Community will advise on UI/UX.




The team at The Cryptoguide Network performs on blockchain.

Mikyc Entertainment

Mikyc Entertainment


The team at The Mikyc Entertainment Group advises on Communications

Julian Gold

Julian Gold


Chief Graphics Officer for the Kikicoin project

Eromosele Agbai

Eromosele Agbai


Crypto bounty expert and marketer

Vichib Oks

Vichib Oks


Experienced Communications man and marketing genius

Abdulrahman Bin-Ambaliy

Abdulrahman Bin-Ambaliy

IT / Senior Developer

Full stack developer & SEO expert

Michael N. Michael

Michael N. Michael

Social / Communications

Social butterfly; communications expert & also a skilled negotiator

Eugy Enoch

Eugy Enoch

Blockchain / Technical

Blockchain expert and lead technical partner

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