Our Value added services


Business Market Hub

The Kikicoin Network is a business hub hat connects service providers with clients and customers who need their services.

Jobs and Freelancers

The Kikicoin Network is a job portal of several businesses that we power hat connects providers with qualified clients and freelancers

Events Management

The Kikicoin Network is an events portal for events listings; promotion; management and tickets sales/reporting.

eCommerce and vendor hub

With our online marketplace, product vendors are empowered with all the tools they need to sell, trade and auction their products/wares to buyers

Marketing and Advertising

The best from social media to email to SMS to SEO to PPC to Content based marketing and other forms of field and traditional marketing all done for Kikicoin holders

Technology and Web based services

We will build and integrate technology, blockchain and standardized web services in your applications and website

Investment and Income

Kikicoin holders and investors will receive interest payments, dividends, capital gains collected upon the sale of a security or other assets, and any other profit made through an investment vehicle of any kind.

Social and Peer to Peer

Experience an intentional shift from client-server to a more robust peer-to-peer infrastructure coupled with encryption so that users keep control of their data and can use the social network also locally, even without Internet access.

About Our Technology

Kikicoin is an anonymous, hybrid and wallet based cryptocurrency that uses advanced encryption techniques for digital asset generation, transfer, and validation.Basically, Kikicoin, also known as KIKI is a secure and tamper-proof cryptocurrency that allows you carry out all of your business, financial and other digitally wired transactions securely on the blockchain.

About us

The Kiki Ecosystem


Easy Connectivity across payment networks


Instant, on-demand transfer


Anonymous and private transaction benefits


Low operational, transfer and liquidity costs

Growth Scale Plus

Share in the growth withthe businesses we power

Business Reward

Effective sponsorship of Kiki powered businesses

Discount on Services

Discounts on services fromwe and our partners

Dividends and Airdrop

Airdrops and dividendas rewards based on profits.
Evolution and Token Spread

Digital Currency

The Kikicoin phenomenon is introducing the blockchain to connecting vendors and businesses with clients who need their services.
What’s next? We want digital currencies to be so easy to use


Implementation Sheet

At the Kiki Ecosystem we have one focus - creating an anonymous, secure and viable data marketplace
to members in the shortest time possible.

Concept, start of the preparation of the kikicoin project
Q1 2018
Raising a team and advisory board members and whitepaper version 1.0 release
Q2 2018
Website and ‘technical’ whitepaper version 2.0 launch and testing of the “Dawdling” technique
Q3 2018
Launch of our Presale, bounty and Crowdfunding efforts
Q4 2018
Crowdfunding continues plus Private beta testing of ourDesktop and Mobile apps
Q1 2019
Coin distribution(implementing the dawdling technique)Desktop and mobile wallets testing and release
Q2 2019
Official launch of customer credits/reward system and re-modelling of our social networking system
Q3 2019
Official launch of eCommerce, events management, a full fledged media outfit and other businesses powered by the kikicoin
Q4 2019
Re-modelling of websites; apps; wallets and release of whitepaper version 4.0
Q1 2020
Business Finance and credits system boosted with card & POS launch
Q2 2020
Testing and implementation of a novel bond and yield system backed by the Kiki
Q3 2020
Release of the first kikicoin platform yellow paper v1.0
Q4 2020

Growing Global
Business Network

Kikicoin is rapidly gaining popularity among the business and crypto community. Lots of real companies (and may include exchanges soon) have adopted our coin already plus we have high hopes of so much more to come due to our unrelenting ongoing partnership and funding efforts

Community Support

Staff, Freelancers and Advisors


See BusinessesKiki Supported Businesses

Income and Forging

Earn Income daily to your KIKI web wallet upon completing any of the following tasks:
Successful Registration
Daily Login
Per review of businesses and products
Per referral and referral activities

Start ForgingGet it
Mine kikicoin daily
User Guide and Support

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